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The Basics: A Guide to Installing your NEW Mudflaps
(click on photos to enlarge)

[1] Below is a photo of the FRONT mudflap
[2] The stainless steel bolts and bonded stainless steel/rubber washers
mounting hardware remove clips

[3] The phosphate U-nut
[4] Attaching the phosphate U-nut to your vehicle
mounting holes placing u nut

[5] Placing the stainlees steel bolt plus bonded stainless steel/rubber washer through the mudflap hole and phospate U-nut
[6] Best tool for the job, 1/4 inch wrench
front mudflap installed finished with front mudflap

[7]After adjusting the mudflap take your 1/4 inch wrench and tighten the stainless steel bolts
rear mounting holes

[8] You can always untighten the stainless steel bolts and adjust accordingly
[9] The holes in your mudflaps are large enough to leave a bit of wiggle room for you to straighten/re-adjust them
finished installing rear mudflap

[10] Below is a photo of the REAR mudflap
[11] Place your phospate U-nut over the wheel-well hole

[12] As you did on the front, place the stainless steel bolts through the mudflap and into the phosphate U-nut
[13] Adjust accordingly

[14] Using your 1/4 inch wrench to tighten the mudflaps into place

[15] Installing your new FLAPATAX mudflaps should not require removing your wheels
[16] Now you're finished installing your mudflaps

Note: The car pictured has rear spats

Car pictured is a 2004 Subaru WRX


Click LINK for installation instructions for the '08 - '11 Subaru WRX STi wagons and '11 WRX wagon
Click LINK for installation instructions for the '11 - '12 Subaru WRX sedan and WRX STi sedan


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