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A Guide: Installing your NEW mudflaps for the
'08 - '11 Subaru WRX STi (wagons) and '11 WRX (wagon)
(click on photos to enlarge)

Turn your steering wheel to give maximum space on the side you are working on.
For the DRIVER's side turn your steering wheel all the way to the LEFT,
PASSENGER's side turn your steering wheel all the way to the RIGHT
mounting hardware

Now remove the 2 pop clips closest to the front under the sideskirt - be careful not to break them =[
[A] Use flathead to pop of the clip
[B] Use your Philips screwdriver to pop this clip off, careful not to strip it
mounting holes

Opening your door will allow for further access to your fender flare.
After you've removed all clips holding on the sections of fender flare and sideskirt, you can now
pull them carefully away from the body of the car. This should give you just enough room to work with.
front mudflap installed finished with front mudflap

Remove the 3 clips with your Philips screwdriver seen circled in this photo. After you've done this carefully
pull back your wheel-well and place 2 of the phosphate u-nuts over the bottom 2 holes.
rear mounting holes

Take 2 of the longer stainless steel bolts and 2 of the thin stainless steel washers for the next step
finished installing rear mudflap

Replace the wheel-well back to it's original position before using the bolts from the above step to tighten
the bracket to the fender. After you've done this don't forget to put the top clip of the wheel-well back in :)
Now you can carefully pop the fender flare and sideskirt back on, remember to put the 2 bottom clips back in
under the sideskirt.

Almost done with the FRONT mudflaps. Take 2 of the short stainless steel bolts and 2 of the stainless steel/rubber
washers to secure the mudflap. Adjusting and re-adjusting is easy, all you have to do is untighten the bolts and
wiggle it around until you have the desired angle.
Now we're ready to move onto the REAR mudflaps :)

Place the phosphate u-nuts onto the holes, then grab your REAR mudflap and place it against the phosphate u-nut
before tightening it in using 2 of the long stainless steel bolts and 2 of the stainless steel/rubber washers.
Adjust, if needed, to desired position/angle.

Now you're done :)

Car pictured is a 2011 Subaru WRX STi


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